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Despite their aesthetical, functional and ecological properties, bricks are still often highly underrated as a building material or design element. We want to change that misconception. Our platform architectum offers discerning architects exactly what they need: unusual and creative ideas combined with meaningful solutions.

Project built with St-Ives Terca Brick (plant Péruwelz) in Architectum #31 from New Zealand
© markhamiltonphotography 2020

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On our online platform architectum, we showcase innovative and successful building projects that cover the planning and ideation process, implementation and final result of their projects. 

The international brick projects range from new construction to renovation, single-family homes to infrastructure buildings. They cover the product groups façade, roof, wall and pavers and show the endless possibilities of clay products.

architectum issue #36

Throughout the year, we collect and research the best solutions in brick architecture. All editions are downloadable for free here.
Our latest issue #36 features these captivating brick projects:

© Egernsund Wienerberger A/S
Learning from history

The architectural studio CEBRA planned a modern housing estate in a historic neighbourhood in Aarhus, Denmark. A conversation with architect Mikkel Frost about architectural contexts and how to deal with what has grown.

© Inger Marie Grini, Norway
House of the people

Is it possible to turn a church into a place of community not exclusively reserved for sacred contemplation? The new church in Vennesla wanted to try.

© Wienerberger Österreich GmbH
Under one roof

The aim of this new community centre was to give a boost to the town centre and act as a central point of contact for residents by providing a variety of activities.

© Wienerberger B.V.
Identity and history

The residents chose the road surface themselves, and they left the mark of their identity on the road. The mixture of clay pavers on the main square in Volendam reflects the culture of the town.

© Wienerberger B.V.
Façades for multiple lives

Five different colours for five homes designed with sustainability in mind. The new building project Ekowood Houses successfully blends individualism with preservation of local architectural heritage.

© Wienerberger B.V.
Towards the sun

To optimise the energy footprint and architecture of The Connection, the building was simply reversed. The back became the front and the roof became a solar power plant.

© Egernsund Wienerberger A/S
Striking roof profile

Just a few years ago this prize-winning, leafy green square was still a four-lane street. The new Oluf Bagers Plads represents a bridge between the city's past and its future.

© Wienerberger AB
A charming giant

It is a remarkable transformation of a huge and formerly austere building. At 12 storeys high, it towers above all the other buildings on Värnhemstorget and acts as a point of reference.

© Wienerberger d.o.o.
The accordion house

An idyllic location and orientation give the house its spectacular form: the result is an elegant black accordion.

A home with charisma

This home strikes a balance between a futuristic modern style and traditional appeal: The bricks used in the façade play a significant part in achieving this effect. 

Get inspired by more reference projects:

© Wienerberger B.V.
Sustainable solutions

We present reference projects with a special focus on sustainability and innovation

Lyökkiniemi family houses, Espoo
© Wienerberger Finland / Arsi Ikäheimonen

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