Argeton referenceprojekt auenland
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When nature sets the tone

architectum edition #29

Argeton referenceproject auenland
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The "Auenland"

in Austria

Argeton referenceproject auenland
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When nature sets the tone

Closer to nature, more peace, greater well-being; built using natural materials, and incorporating ventilated ceramic tiles for a perfect indoor climate, the ‘Auenland’ [meadowland] development is a genuine oasis for families. 

The "Auenland" in Austria

The Auenland is a new housing development – or ‘residential village’, as it is called – in St. Martin an der Traun. The first phase of construction began in 2019, and the end result is 21 apartments of 50 to 105 m2. What sets these homes apart is that they have been designed to merge harmoniously into the existing environment and focus on natural, high-quality building materials. “The Auenland is surrounded by green, and designed around the principles of sustainability, which obviously excluded the use of any artificial materials,” explains architect Peter Schaufler from arinco in Traun. Only premium-quality, natural materials were considered for the build, including the façade: “In the end, brick won out over wood for this project because of design and durability considerations,” says Schaufler.

“In the end, brick won out over wood for this project because of design and durability considerations.“
- Peter Schaufler, arinco planungs + consulting gmbh.

Ventilated, insulated and comfortable

The gardens and balconies of the first phase of homes are south facing and overlook green spaces and buildings within the residential village. The architectural team chose to use the Argeton façade system here, which uses ventilated ceramic panels and integrated insulation to create a pleasant living environment.
“Bricks have many advantages, which are apparently quite simple but actually contribute significantly to well-being,” says Schaufler. “For example, their surface is always warm to the touch and, in the evening, the stored solar heat is released.” The weather and frost-resistant qualities of the bricks also mean that the façade has an especially long life. 

Colours of nature

It is not just the materials, but also the colours, used in the building that have been selected to reflect nature. The salmon and red brown ceramic tones mimic autumn leaves on trees and shrubs; they are strong colours, yet reflect the hues of the natural environment.
“There is no regularity to the pattern; we wanted to create a vibrant design with few contrasts,” says Peter Schaufler about the design, which was first produced in 3D to visualise the effect. “The client made the final decision about colours and materials based on our insights and a model made of the actual materials,” he explains. “This approach let the look and feel do the convincing.” 

Argeton referenceproject auenland
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Facts & Figures

Project name: Auenland, St.Martin/Traun, Austria


Architect   arinco planungs + consulting gmbh 

Client   Real-Treuhand Projekt- und Bauträger GmbH

Year of completion   2019

Products used   Argeton, main colour: salmon/pastel red, contrast colour: red brown 

Building type  Apartment Building

Published in  architectum #29

Argeton referenceproject auenland
© Wienerberger Österreich GmbH

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