Apartments in Vilnius, Terca Lapis WDF / Terca Forum Ombra WDF / Penter Euroton Nostalgie UWF
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Split-level house surrounded by pines

architectum edition #26

Apartments inRutu street, Terca Lapis WDF
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A luxury residential building

in Lithuania

Apartments in Vilnius, Terca Lapis WDF / Terca Forum Ombra WDF / Penter Euroton Nostalgie UWF
© Wienerberger atstovybė

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Terca Lapis WDF

Split-level house surrounded by pines

In Lithuania’s vibrant capital of Vilnius, the luxury “residential building at Rutu Street 21” with 7 apartments was completed in 2018. The architects Kestutis Pempe, Emilis Petkevicius and Ausrine Bredulyte placed great emphasis in this project on a highly visible brick facade.

Luxury apartment building

Surrounded by hundred-year-old pines and close to a protected park region, the location offers the particular attraction of being situated within walking distance of the city centre. Thanks to the complete redesign of the façade, it is nearly impossible to tell that the project involved the extensive renovation of an existing building.
Generously sized terraces and balconies define the structure horizontally, and the wood panelling immediately below these projecting elements and above the windows contrasts with the interspersing brick façade to striking effect. Tinted glass balustrades along the balconies permit an uninterrupted view of the natural surroundings out the French windows of the apartments.
The existing site relief was intelligently used to integrate a new underground garage with 18 parking spaces for cars and motorcycles as well as a charging station for electric vehicles. The entry area is especially spacious and inviting with its four-storey atrium that extends to the top of the building, including glass roof.

High-quality, robust and long-lasting

The building is primarily made of high-quality yet also robust, long-lasting and low-maintenance materials: steel-reinforced concrete for the cornices, clinker brick in the façades as well as for stairways, smaller walls and access ways. The brick types Terca Lapis WDF, Terca Forum Ombra WDF and Penter Euroton Nostalgie UWF from Wienerberger are particularly suited to the high standards applied here as well as to the elegant aesthetics and the required durability.
Wood was used for the horizontal façade strips and terrace flooring, while glass balustrades are provided as safety barriers on the terraces and balconies.
For a particular emphasis on security, a biometric access control system was installed – a first in Lithuania – that recognises each of the residents. The building has been awarded an energy efficiency class A rating. Geothermal heating systems and heat recovery systems guarantee an optimal supply of fresh air and comfortable indoor temperatures.

Productshot of the Lapis HV WF brick
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Facts & Figures

Project name: Residential building at Rūtų Street 21, Vilnius, Lithuania


Architects   Kestutis Pempe, Emilis Petkevicius, Ausrine Bredulyte

Client   UAB „Promo Vision“

Year of completion   2018

Used products   Terca Lapis WDFTerca Forum Ombra WDFPenter Euroton Nostalgie UWF

Building type  Apartment Building

Published in  architectum #26

Productshot of the Lapis HV WF brick
© Wienerberger B.V.

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