Sustainable architectural buildings for a future worth living in

The climate is changing, and as a responsible company we can only create a future worth living in with innovative ideas and concepts. Nowadays, the architectural and construction industries are simply unimaginable without the focus on sustainability. For the sake of present and for future generations, we need solutions that give something back to society and nature. 

Heimo Scheuch, CEO Wienerberger AG
Heimo Scheuch, CEO Wienerberger AG
© Daniel Hinterramskogler

Taking sustainability seriously there is no loss, only gain

Building owners and developers are increasingly demanding the use of resource-efficient building materials so they can reconcile ambitious and aesthetically appealing architecture with changing climate and environmental requirements. This a clear mandate to continue striving for solutions designed to tackle the challenges of climate change and to show the world that if we take sustainability seriously there is no loss, only gain.
This edition of architectum puts the spotlight on roof and façade solutions. From timelessly-classic single-family homes, housing complexes designed for longevity or aesthetically appealing solutions for public buildings and large façade constructions – the focus here is on innovation and pioneering work. These groundbreaking construction projects from all over the world demonstrate how ceramic solutions and creative concepts can be used to create awe-inspiring architecture. 

„Discover how architects – inspired by sustainable materials but also by the trend toward eco-minimalism – make highly diverse but architecturally valuable aesthetic statements with their projects. ” - Heimo Scheuch, CEO Wienerberger AG.

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