Three familiar living houses in Kaunas
© Norbert Tukaj

The three sisters

architectum edition #29

Three familiar living houses in Kaunas
© Norbert Tukaj

Three single family homes

in Lithuania

Three familiar living houses in Kaunas
© Norbert Tukaj

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The three sisters

A riot of minimalism – a description that sums up the design of these three sister buildings in the Lithuanian residential district of Raudondvaris. The individual brick façades express just how similar – yet different – the buildings are.

Urban living in a small town

In the residential district of Raudondvaris, just ten kilometres from Kaunas, Lithuania’s second largest city, these three single-family homes have an uncluttered and minimalist appearance. And yet, they still exude an elegant sense of mystery that makes the onlooker curious to find out what lies inside. Architect Vaidas Tamošiunas, of architectural agency UAB NEBRAU, has succeeded in creating an urban living experience in this small town, outside a big city. The rectangular plot of land dictated the design.

Minimalism, through and through

Minimalist architecture and a focus on the essentials were the two guiding principles behind the design of the cubic houses. Entrances, corner windows and staircases all share the same straight lines of the buildings, but on a smaller scale, creating a clear and cohesive whole. Frameless windows, and a recessed entrance at the rear, continue this theme and reinforce the minimal look of the buildings. The façade works as a counterbalance to the simple design. As the roof does not project out over the walls of the buildings, they are more exposed to the elements and therefore had to be constructed with an outer material that would be highly robust and weather-resistant.
The perfect solution was found in Terca heavy clay clinker bricks, which are fired at 1,150°C and, despite their low mass, are suitable for bearing high mechanical stresses. They also create a robust and resistant façade, but remain unobtrusive thanks to their small brick format. 

A charming location

The history of the surrounding area was not unimportant to the project: The brick masonry exudes the same charm as the local castle, the local history museum, and numerous pre-existing residential buildings. Beneath the brick exterior, cement dominates. The structure of the building is made from reinforced concrete; wood was chosen for the fence and patio to provide contrast and a softer overall look.
As all three houses have the same basic structure, the different colours of brick are what lend each home an individual touch. To create elegant variation, some elements of the brickwork project from the façade in a rhythmic pattern. They create a play of light and shadows across the entire façade, enhancing both the dynamic design of the façade and the visual cohesion of the three homes. 

Three familiar living houses in Kaunas
© Norbert Tukaj

Facts & Figures

Project name: Three single-family homes, Kaunas, Lithuania


Architects   Vaidas Tamošiunas, UAB NEBRAU

Client   Private

Year of completion   2019

Products used  Terca 

Building type  Single Family House

Published in  architectum #29

Three familiar living houses in Kaunas
© Norbert Tukaj

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