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Architecture never creates for the sake of creating. It has a clear purpose: to create spaces in which people can live and work comfortably, in good health, for decades or even centuries to come. This bestows tremendous responsibility upon architects, but it also gives them the power to truly shape the lives of current and future generations.
One might say that this task has only become more demanding in the last few years, with rising challenges such as climate change or, more recently, the increased cost of living.  

Heimo Scheuch, CEO Wienerberger AG
Heimo Scheuch, CEO Wienerberger AG
© Daniel Hinterramskogler

New challenges bring out the best in architects

Construction projects must be affordable, save resources and protect inhabitants from ever-intensifying weather events. However, we have also seen that these new challenges bring out the best in architects. Today, the field is bursting with creativity, as pioneers discover new innovative solutions for building climate-resilient, affordable and sustainable spaces without compromising on aesthetics as an essential part of life quality.
Some particularly outstanding examples of such innovations can be found in this issue. These include an apartment building in Lithuania that was built on an old industrial site to provide green housing with all the modern amenities while respecting the region's history. In a project in South London, the challenge of preserving the heritage of a nearly 160-year-old railway station was particularly daring. By using Victorian roof tiles, the architects achieved a delicate balance between renewal and reverence - all while the station remained fully operational.

„Construction projects must be affordable, save resources and protect inhabitants from ever-intensifying weather events.” - Heimo Scheuch, CEO Wienerberger AG.

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Another extraordinary example is the renovation of a courthouse in Austria. The design focuses on the consistent public function of the buildings, not only in terms of amenities, but also in terms of architectural language: Transparency and simplicity are emphasized throughout.
Be inspired by these and other best-practice examples, and enjoy reading this issue 

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