New construction houses | Tuinhof, Ameide
© Wienerberger B.V.

Net-zero-energy homes

architectum edition #38

New construction houses | Tuinhof, Ameide
© Wienerberger B.V.

Tuinhof Ameide

in The Netherlands

New construction houses | Tuinhof, Ameide
© Wienerberger B.V.

Products used

Terca ClickBrick Marziale HV, Wevolt X-Roof

Net-zero-energy homes

Twenty-two new residential buildings in the Dutch village of Ameide will bring lasting joy: these innovative houses generate all the energy they need themselves.

Cradle-to-cradle and zero on the electricity-meter in The Netherlands

With a traditional brick look in a light, warm sand colour and renewable energy from the roof, this residential project in the Dutch village of Ameide exceeds most modern efficiency requirements. Since 2021, new buildings in the Netherlands must meet the BENG standard. This means that the buildings have a near-zero demand for externally supplied energy.
The 22 new residential buildings in Ameide already significantly exceed these requirements. They do not use any fossil fuels; they are well insulated and equipped with heat pumps. A heat recovery system heats the buildings and the Wevolt X-Roof generates the electricity the households require. This zero-on-the-­electricity-meter approach promises that, with average energy consumption, no more electricity will be needed than can be produced on the roof. 

Solar power without the eyesore

The roofs are completely covered with Wevolt X-Roof PV modules, which have a special feature: they do not look like solar panels from a distance – instead they blend seamlessly into the roofs. With the help of the Wevolt X-Roof PV modules, the roofs themselves become solar power plants.
Although the PV modules form a continuous surface, they can be replaced individually in the event of damage. In terms of colour, the modern roofs hardly differ from their anthracite-roofed neighbours. The dark solar cells shimmer dark grey bluish in the sunlight and thus also form an aesthetic contrast to the light brick façade.

Innovative materials

The ClickBrick Pure façade brick was used on the front, which provides a crisp and robust appearance. Although it is a dry stacking system and requires no mortar, it creates the appearance of masonry with a traditional joint pattern. White and brown accents of Terca ClickBrick Marziale HV alternate on a yellow background with darker areas bringing a varied shading to the masonry.
ClickBrick Pure is a dry stacking circular and remountable system and therefore has obtained the silver Cradle-to-Cradle certificate. Project manager Peter Holl of Reuvers Ontwikkeling & Bouw, the contractor, sums it up: “Using Terca ClickBrick Pure in combination with the Wevolt X-Roof was a perfect fit for this sustainable project.”

New construction houses | Tuinhof, Ameide
© Wienerberger B.V.

Facts & Figures

Project name: Tuinhof Ameide, The Netherlands

Architecture  Hans Been Architecten BNA

Client  Municipality of Vijfheerenlanden

Year of completion  2023

Products used  Terca ClickBrick Marziale HV, Wevolt X-Roof

Building type  Apartment Building

Edition  architectum #38

New construction houses | Tuinhof, Ameide
© Wienerberger B.V.

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