architectum issue 28

Plublic space with 4 levels. Rue Nationale 59000 Lille. Products Argelite tints  blanc carrare, gris basalte, gris métal.
© Frédéric Miette

Public Use

A quick facelift

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Renovation Elsevier Office Building for Student Housing, Sara Burgerhartstraat, Amsterdam. Completion Date: 2015. Contractor: N.J. de Nijs en Zonen. Architect: Knevel architecten, Amsterdam. Photographer: Leonard Fäustle. Bricks: Terca glazed bricks.
© Wienerberger B. V.


A building envelope like a second skin

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Theater Ugala in Viljandi, Estonia. Used materials: Terca ceramic bricks Red Smooth and customised designed bricks, Terca ceramic brick slips and corners Red Smooth.
© Arno Mikkor / Wienerberger AS


The principle of flow

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Brick façade with interplay of light and shade

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