Churchill Square 2022 | Reference Terca
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Prague reclaims its golden age

architectum edition #39

Churchill Square 2022 | Reference Terca
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Churchill Square II, Prague

in Czech Republic

Churchill Square 2022 | Reference Terca
© Wienerberger s.r.o.

Product used

Terca Pagus Grijs-Zwart

Prague reclaims its golden age

Let’s face it: The area around the main railway station, in the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague, was not one of the most charming areas. With the finalisation of the Churchill project, the quarter has been given a thorough facelift.

A business complex facelift in Prague

Under the watchful eye of the British statesman Winston Churchill (or rather his metal statue on the nearby Winston-Churchill-Square), in 2022 an ultra-modern business complex was built on a former storage area of the Czech railway. Churchill II is the sister project to Churchill I, which was completed a year earlier and is the final act in a unique urban renewal project. Head architect Jakub Cigler and his team, well known for engaging in progressive architecture, have developed two similar buildings and given each of them its very own visual character. Nice detail: viewed from a distance, the silhouettes of the two “sisters” overlap. 

Dialogue-boosting design

The U-shaped footprint of Churchill II extends over an area of 3,922 sqm and opens up towards the main railway station and the old town. A structural height accent on one side of the building immediately catches the eye. The eight-story complex houses a supermarket, a public shopping arcade, a two-level parking area, and a quiet outdoor relaxing zone featuring a water fountain.
A covered atrium in the middle of the building forms the communication centre of the property. The central piazza with bistros and cafés is the place to be for a quick lunch or coffee break with colleagues. All restaurants and shops can be accessed both from inside the building and from the street, creating a dialogue with the surrounding neighbourhood. The upper floors house exclusive offices with spacious terraces. Residents enjoy a breath-taking view of Prague Castle or the tracks with trains arriving in the capital.

Brick: a golden choice

To emphasise the visual contrast of the façades, Jakub Cigler designed a classical brick cladding that was to be continued on the sculptural interior walls of the building. According to his plans, the window openings are flanked by dark frames that either blend discreetly into the brick façade or protrude in front of the façade in a wider profile. To realise his vision, Cigler needed an aesthetically and haptically appealing facing brick that would match the colour scheme of the neighbouring building complex.
The durable façade brick Terca Pagus in grey-black with its light structure was exactly what he was looking for. Certified with LEED Gold (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Churchill II embodies the highest standards for healthy, highly efficient, and cost-saving green buildings offering significant benefits for the environment, governance, and society. 

Churchill Square 2022 | Reference Terca
© Wienerberger s.r.o.

Facts & Figures

Project name: Churchill Square II, Prague, Czech Republic

Architecture  JAKUB CIGLER ARCHITEKTI, a. s.

Client  Private investor

Year of completion  2022

Product used  Terca Pagus Grijs-Zwart

Building type  Public

Edition  architectum #39

Churchill Square 2022 | Reference Terca
© Wienerberger s.r.o.

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