architectum #17

Renovation and refurbishment of existing buildings as well as urban densification are currently important topics. Adaptations and extensions of buildings as well as attic conversions are a good alternative to new buildings when new living areas have to be provided and buildings or even whole districts need to be upgraded. Refurbishments also help reduce energy consumption and, more importantly, preserve our cultural heritage. Bricks and roof tiles are not only high-performance building materials, they are also infinitely versatile and adapt to every building project – and: bricks and tiles are simply beautiful.

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  • Roof


    A tiled roof is both the pinnacle and the protective shield of a house and can be designed to add strong emphases. See how creatively and versatilely roof tiles are used today.

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  • Façade


    Each facing brick is a design element and best suited to express the wishes, style and visions of the owner of the building. We have collected our best brick facades for inspiration.

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  • Public places

    Public places

    Public places give cities and communities an unmistakable identity and character. A beautifully designed, functional space means quality of living for those using it every day.

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  • Private gardens

    Private gardens

    In the own private garden one can relax and take a break from everyday life. Plain and sustainable materials such as clay pavers are the perfectly choice for creating a relaxing and timeless environment.

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  • Brick Award

    Brick Award

    Since 2004, the Wienerberger Brick Award puts brick in contemporary architecture into the limelight. The submission period for the 2016 Brick Award has already started. For the first time, architects can submit their own projects.

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  • Magazine


    Our international magazine series called architectum features the versatile and creative ways in which architects use bricks, roof tiles and pavers by Wienerberger in their projects.

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Clay Building Materials Europe website

Wienerberger Clay Building Materials Europe develops products and system solutions for energy-efficient, healthy, affordable, and durable buildings.

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Brick Award website

The Wienerberger Brick Award is an internationally established architecture award, which is initiated every two years. The next Wienerberger Brick Award will be presented in 2016.

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WISBA website

Wienerberger Sustainable Building Academy (WISBA) is an international education programme in the field of sustainable construction.

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