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Issue #24
red brick facade supermarket detail view Supermarkt Oldenburg
© Jens Krüger, neun grad architektur


Brick Award

International architects talk passionately about their favourite building material. They love brick because it is “…a high quality and innovative building material” (Christ & Gantenbein Architects, Switzerland) and “…the material with the best weathering characteristics” (Russell Jones, UK).

Contemporary architects are drawn to brick for many different reasons, using it to create their own diversity of expression in their buildings. Are you curious to hear why international architects speak out in favour of brick?

Check out the videos below to see for yourself!

Emanuel Christ from Christ & Gantenbein (Switzerland) about how innovative clay building materials are:

Job Floris from Monadnock (Netherlands) about the opportunities for combining different colors, sizes and bond you get when building with clay building materials:

Tony Fretton from Tony Fretton Architects (UK) about the significance of brick as a building material and its tradition:

Helena Glantz from U.D. Urban Design AB (Sweden) about the tradition and modernity of clay building materials:

Ambroise Béra from SWAN Architectes (France) about the commonalities between bricks and lego:

Russell Jones from Russell Jones (UK) about the weathering characteristics of brick: