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Issue #24

Clay tiles have a proven service life of up to 150 years.

Koramic Bellus grey wienerberger roof and facade
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Koramic Bellus grey Wienerberger
Koramic Bellus


Green building

Clay tiles have a proven service life of up to 150 years. There are many examples of traditional buildings around the world that still have their original cladding, which has lasted centuries.

Clay bricks and roof tiles, although exposed to the weather, are not susceptible to environmental influences such as UV radiation, rain, frost, and pollution. Houses constructed from clay building materials require very little maintenance, ensuring ongoing, constant quality and beauty – which lasts a lifetime and beyond. These products are fired to produce very hard bricks and tiles, making them almost indestructible.

Pro Clay Graphic
Koramic Bellus Wienerberger grey


Koramic Bellus – Belgium

Top Sports School wilrijk green ceramic cladding interior detail view


Aléonard green glazed in two shades – France

Leipan 301 Mix - Pottelberg Wienerberger Koramic


Koramic Leipan Mix 301 – Netherlands

Tondach Prejz Wienerberger roof tile


Tondach Prejz malý, engoba antic – Czech Republic