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Set cihel Porotherm 38 T Profi a 38 T profi 1/2 | Wienerberger
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Climate positive brick from Austria

Eco-friendly pioneer

The Porotherm 38 W.i EFH Plan is Austria’s first climate positive block. To achieve climate positivity, Wienerberger implements more activities during production to optimise its own CO2 footprint, which was necessary to achieve certification as a climate neutral product.


 These innovative blocks for walls reduce CO2by 5,800 metric tonnes per year, which is equivalent to the CO2 emissions of 3,000 cars per year. The eco-friendly block is filled with mineral wool, which is non-flammable, water-resistant, pest-resistant, vapour permeable and does not develop mildew. It is suitable for all requirements for the construction of detached houses and has excellent insulation properties.

Wood-serie Redwood SP ClickBrick | New Construction Apartments | Stadsveld, Enschede | Architect: De Witte - Van der Heijden, Enschede | Contractor: Hegeman Bouw, Vriezenveen
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ClickBrick The Netherlands

Just a click

In the Netherlands, Wienerberger has developed an innovative dry construction system, which is groundbreaking in terms of sustainability. Individual used bricks from the ClickBrick system can be fully recycled. They fix to the ground, and each other, with steel clips and wall ties, eliminating the need for mortar. The result is faster and more resource-efficient construction. This groundbreaking product is available in a wide range of colours and texture, providing plenty of scope for creativity.

Die Kollektion ist in hellen Weiß- und Grautönen erhältlich.
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Terca Elignia Belgium

Elegant and timeless

The new Terca Elignia from Belgium is a long facing brick with a rough texture. Its fine structure with a light grain gives façades a subtle relief that is full of character. Available in a range of elegant and timeless colours, it appears at its best when combined with a thin mortar joint. Thanks to its multi-layered construction, when building with Terca, the skins of the wall remain separate from one another, so they can easily be recycled at a later date. 

Porotherm Profi - Чиста работа
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Porotherm 38 - Austria

ClickBrick - The Netherlands

Terca Elignia - Belgium

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