RO 1st e4 house/Prima casa e4 din Romania
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All expectations exceeded

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RO 1st e4 house/Prima casa e4 din Romania
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Romanian family home

All expectations exceeded

In 2015, near Bucharest, the first Romanian family home was completed in accordance with the e4 concept. Three years later, the interim balance is impressive: The concept has surpassed all expectations.

Romanian family home

After the residents moved into the e4 brick house, energy consumption and comfort indicators were comprehensively monitored over a period of 24 months. The analysed data provided evidence that all the parameters in all the rooms are consistent and balanced. The energy efficiency indicators also show that the house has a positive energy balance. “The monitoring data for the first e4 house built in Romania has significantly surpassed expectations,” said Emilia-Cerna Mladin, president of the Romanian Association of Energy Auditors for Buildings (AAECR) and professor at the Politehnica University of Bucharest.

A successful solution

What makes this concept a success is the brick construction and the alternative energy sources, which combine a sustainable and pleasant living experience with a cost-effective structure and low maintenance costs. “Homeowners are increasingly keen on using technology that improves the quality of life in their homes.
A customised control system and the ability to set consumption targets and to compare them with the actual consumption costs at the end of the month are highly valued by private customers as early adopters. The e4 brick house concept developed by Wienerberger as a residential solution is a smart choice in this day and age. The effect of selected building materials is clearly reflected in maintenance costs,” adds architect Sergiu C. Petrea from Tecto Arhitectura.

"The monitoring data for the first e4 house built in Romania has significantly surpassed expectations." -

Emilia-Cerna Mladin 

Full cost control

The owner of this e4 brick house project, who was open to innovative solutions and who equipped his house with a “central brain” for monitoring important parameters and the optimisation of maintenance costs, is also thrilled with his home:
“The e4 house was definitely a good investment for our family. We enjoy the comfort, the natural lighting and the steady temperatures in the house, regardless of the season. After moving into the e4 house, our expectations in terms of savings on monthly utility costs were also clearly exceeded as our costs are half those of the previous house,” said Adrian Fortescu, the Romanian e4 pioneer who has a home which saves on resources and energy, but which even so is still architecturally attractive.
It ideally meets the needs of a family with two children, with interior spaces that interconnect seamlessly into one another and large windows that flood the rooms with daylight.

porotherm 30 sth brick
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Facts & Figures

Project name: e4-family house, near Bucharest, Romania

Architects   Tecto Arhitectura

Client   Private

Year of completion   2015

Category   E4

Used products   Porotherm ThermoExpert 38STh

Energy Data   Primary energy consumption: 38,5kWh/m²a Heat consumption: 8,5 kWh/m²a CO2 emissions: 6,4kg/m²a

RO 1st e4 house/Prima casa e4 din Romania
© Wienerberger SRL

Porotherm TermoExpert 38STh - Romania

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