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Issue #27
Building: De Duurzame Wijk
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When choosing building materials, sustainability is becoming an increasingly important factor, alongside traditional considerations such as structural stability, fire protection and acoustic installation. The natureplus® eco label, issued by the international association of the same name, helps architects identify certified sustainable building materials. For the first time ever, this quality standard, which is recognised throughout Europe, has been awarded to a brick manufacturer.

Accredited laboratories and experts verify the requirements of the eco label, in accordance with recognised international standards. They test three criteria: clean and efficient production, environmental & health protection and sustainability of resources. In order to qualify for the label, products must – among other things – be recyclable, may not contain any substances that are harmful to the environment or health, and must come from sustainable sources.

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State of the art
Wienerberger bricks are natural products and meet all the requirements for sustainable construction. Manufacturing plants comply with comprehensive regulations on purity. Special filters and thermal afterburning systems mean that emissions levels are well within the required limits. The use of state-of-the-art burners and heat exchangers, electronic measurement and control systems, ensures that comparatively little energy is consumed. Abandoned clay pits are turned into natural habitats or recreational sites. Monolithic brick masonry (without composite bonding with insulation materials) can be sorted and disposed of quickly and easily – or recycled.

Scientifically proven
Following thorough testing of all products from the Wienerberger plants at Hennersdorf, Haiding, Göllersdorf and Apfelberg, the company became the first brick manufacturer in Europe to be awarded the natureplus® eco label. The certification confirms that all the products in the company portfolio are produced in accordance with the relevant requirements, and that Wienerberger fully accepts responsibility for developing energy-efficient, healthy, and sustainable building materials.