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Issue #24

We improve quality of living by providing outstanding, sustainable building materials and infrastructure solutions.

Christof Domenig - CEO Clay Building Materials Europe

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Green building

A holistic and integrated approach is the foundation of Wienerberger’s successful corporate strategy and our self-imposed commitment to continuously improve our ecological, social, societal and economic performance. We are consistently pursuing the ambitious targets set out in our Sustainability Roadmap 2020.

All our quantitative and qualitative targets have been informed by issues that our stakeholders have defined as being essential. As part of our approach to Sustainability Management, we consider the entire life cycle of our products.

We are convinced that, in the long term, the companies that achieve the greatest success will be those that act in full awareness of their responsibility, contribute to improving quality of life today, and ensure the wellbeing of future generations.


A central principle of product development at Wienerberger is the creation of lasting value for our customers by supplying them with durable and innovative building materials and infrastructure solutions. In our opinion, the relationship between a product’s life cycle and its impact on the environment during raw material extraction, production, transport, installation, use, and end-of-life is important. Wienerberger ceramic products are an integral part of building concepts for healthy living.

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Sustainability Report 2016

Each year we generate 25% of revenue from innovative products.

These innovations include new products and system solutions that are durable and cost-efficient, contribute to the energy effi­ciency of buildings and to climate protection, ensure security and health for users of the buildings, facilitate correct planning, are easy to use and well-suited for an interesting architectural design. We delight our customers with the ease of doing business with us.


Wienerberger strives to achieve a production process that is as environmentally friendly as possible. For us, the conservation of resources is a key element of production. We focus on the responsible use of raw materials, energy and water. We constantly work to help combat climate change through greater energy efficiency and by reducing our CO2 emissions. At the same time, we strive to increase the amount of recycled material used, provided this is technically and economically feasible.

In 2016, the energy consumption for production at Clay Building Materials Europe was almost 10.5% lower than in 2010.

In the coming years, we will continue to work intensively to achieve our targets and implement appropriate measures. Follow our progress and read the full reports:


The latest sustainability update will be  published by the 28th of June 2018!