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Editorial issue – 27


Safety has always been one of the basic human needs. Architects play a significant role in meeting this need, because they have the ability to create robust and healthy living spaces. Throughout the company’s 200-year history, Wienerberger has striven to support architects in this role by providing them with the most innovative and sustainable solutions possible, and by taking a socially responsible approach to environmental and social considerations. Wienerberger applies the principle of ‘Improving people’s quality of life’ in all of it’s sustainability measures: from the considerate extraction of raw materials, to switching to energy-efficient processes, developing sustainable and innovative products, and taking a holistic approach to building design. All this is particularly relevant to us, because sustainable solutions facilitate the construction of durable and energy-efficient buildings, thereby delivering significant added value for our clients and making a positive contribution to the environment.

All of this supports our key aim of using our solutions to improve quality of life. With our ceramic systems, which are both energy-efficient and visually appealing, and a holistic approach to building design, Wienerberger helps architects to meet future requirements today. The fabulous examples of outstanding architecture on the following pages are proof of just that. The buildings presented here demonstrate the successful symbiosis of using sustainable materials in consideration of ecological, economic and social factors, and are also representative of high standards of architectural diversity and aesthetics.

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Christof Domenig

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CEO Christof Domenig