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Editorial issue – 26

The first thing that catches your eye when you look at a building is its façade and roof. They have the ability to tell stories. Stories about its use, its inhabitants, its architects. This makes it all the more important to choose the right material for the design. The longevity and versatility of clay building materials, coupled with their classic, timeless and at the same time modern appearance, give architects numerous innovative application possibilities and enable exciting aesthetic solutions.
Facades have the gift of attracting attention and giving a building a certain radiance. Longevity and durability, coupled with a classic, timeless and at the same time modern appearance, give architects a wide range of possible applications. Tiled facades and roofs not only protect a building, they also preserve it for future generations. At the same time, special building envelopes help to shape and develop the cityscape, which not only users but also passers-by can enjoy.
This issue of architectum shows impressive projects from eleven countries – from single-family homes to public buildings – which illustrate what is possible with clay building materials. We are proud to provide natural building materials that are versatile, energy efficient, durable and simply beautiful. This allows contractors and architects to realise their visions and create buildings that are low-maintenance and sustainable, while at the same time enabling healthy living and working. Thus, these buildings can become part of the life history of numerous people.
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CEO Christof Domenig