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Editorial issue – 25

Building plots ripe for development are highly sought-after, yet –  especially in cities – also scarce and sometimes prohibitively expensive. The dream of living in a central location often calls for a special solution – whether it be a new construction in a narrow gap between existing buildings, building on a former industrial site or change of use, or even extending existing buildings upwards or out, or replacing them entirely. With intelligent designs, high-quality clay building materials, and special solutions, even these seemingly unpromising sites and old structures can be enhanced and used sustainably.

Old brick buildings have a distinctive charm – and provide a solid foundation for an upgrade in terms of space or function. The qualities of traditional brick buildings can be combined with the advantages of modern architecture to excellent effect. Whether the approach is one of sympathetic modernisation or vigorous intervention, extension, expansion, improving energy efficiency or change of use: with contemporary architecture, adapting an existing building can become much more than a mere compromise. Blending old and new buildings can result in a special aesthetic composition, or intentionally create strong contrasts to achieve an outstanding effect.

The projects featured in this issue serve to demonstrate how careful planning and high-quality clay building materials can combine to create more space, greater quality of living, and modern energy standards in existing buildings.

Christof Domenig Wienerberger portrait picture
Signature Christof Domenig

CEO Christof Domenig