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Editorial – issue 24

Individual and creative architecture is more than just designing a beautiful home. It is the art of creating unique living spaces for people and their various needs. A well-designed home or office can enhance quality of life for the occupants by keeping four key issues in mind: economy, energy, ecology and emotion. We have created the e4 house concept, which is based around those four pillars.

Combining these four pillars/values is to invest in a building that is affordable to construct and live in. You can be sure that an e4 building will fulfil the latest energy and performance standards, and will continue to do so for every day of its life cycle. At the same time, an e4 house minimises its impact on the environment by using natural resources from local production and promoting an eco-friendly design. Finally, an e4 house enhances the well-being of its inhabitants, to deliver better quality of life.

While there is always potential for innovation, the e4 pillars/values remain constant, because they can be applied to any building that is constructed – no matter its purpose or size.

The architects and investors who work with these principles, and our products, create healthy buildings with qualities that endure for generations, such as durability, excellent quality, and beauty. As a company, we contribute to this through our innovative building materials and concepts, our focus on service and our individual support.

Every architect has their own approach to achieving a feel-good atmosphere in their constructions, fuelling the discussion about how to create healthy and future-proof buildings. The examples in this issue showcase some of the best examples of such projects.

Enjoy browsing through the issue and be inspired to build healthy buildings!


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CEO Christof Domenig