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Issue #27
Wienerberger Sustainability Report
© Wienerberger AG



For the past 200 years, Wienerberger has based its successful corporate strategy on a holistic approach and its self-imposed commitment to constantly improving the company’s environmental, social and economic performance.

As a leading international supplier of building materials and infrastructure solutions, Wienerberger is aware of its responsibility and deliberately creates sustainable values designed to improve quality of life. The term sustainability has three aspects, ecological, economic and social, which all play an essential role in each of the company’s measures and products. This issue of architectum shows innovative system solutions and projects where planners have set the standards of the future by following this maxim to design sustainable, affordable buildings. The use of innovative, efficient solutions contributes to environmental protection and secures opportunities for future generations.

Building for People
The sustainability report, which, along with the Sustainability Roadmap 2020, serves as an important guideline for Wienerberger, also illustrates these three aspects within four fields of action: employees, production, products and social responsibility.

Employees as a key asset
For a manufacturing company like Wienerberger, the safety, health and satisfaction of employees is, at the same time, a basic prerequisite and a key factor in the company’s success. Even if comprehensive improvements have been made in this area over the past few years, it is important to consolidate and maintain this progress in the long term.

Resource conservation as a central topic
Wienerberger has set itself the ambitious goal of contributing to climate protection by increasing energy efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions during production. Raw materials, energy and water must be used responsibly and as efficiently as possible. Where practical, recycled materials are used.

Lasting value for customers
As an innovation leader in the industry, Wienerberger continuously works on further developing innovative products and solutions for all areas of application. In 2018, these products accounted for 29 % of total sales.

A valuable contribution to society
Wienerberger is committed to its role as a responsible member of society. In addition to making donations of materials and participating in joint projects with social partners, Wienerberger cooperates with the non-profit organisation Habitat for Humanity. In the sense of “helping people to help themselves”, these projects aim to create sustainable living space for and with people in the poorest regions of the world.

Wienerberger works intensively and continuously to achieve the company’s sustainability goals and to implement suitable measures. The Sustainability Report 2018 can be downloaded at wienerberger.com/en/download/sustainability-report-2018.pdf.