The Brick Award

The Brick Award recognises and celebrates exceptional brick architecture from around the world. It provides a platform from which architects and planners can present their innovative and creative projects and designs to an international audience.

Role model and inspiration

Architecture can achieve great things, and unite people, cultures, and nature – as demonstrated by the winners of the Brick Award 20. For the ninth time since the award was launched in 2004, Wienerberger has provided a showcase for exceptional brick construction projects from around the world, making them accessible to a wide audience. The Brick Award was established as an independent and international award with the aim of representing and inspiring architecture, design, urban planning, art and culture. The 50 nominated projects also demonstrate the aesthetic and functional potential of ceramic building materials.
The project selection process focuses on certain specific criteria. The most important being: A significant part of the project must consist of clay building materials, such as clay bricks, clay facing bricks, clay paving, clay roof tiles, and clay façade panels. The building could be a new build, renovation or conversion project, and the bricks can be new or reused. In particular, the jury looks to see how projects combine functionality, sustainability and energy efficiency. Although Wienerberger is the organiser behind the Brick Award, it is not a requirement for participation that projects use Wienerberger products.
Projects can be submitted in one of five categories. They are: Feeling at home, Living together, Working together, Sharing public spaces, and Building outside the box. The following pages present both the outstanding winners in each category and the renowned jury that chose them. You can see all the nominated projects and find further information on

San Bernardo Chapel with clay blocks; Brick Award 2018 Special Prize Winner Category "Sharing Public Spaces"; Nicolás Campodonico Estudio; Photo: Nicolás Esteban Campodonico

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