New centre for Roosendaal

Downtown centre of Roosendaal

New centre for Roosendaal

The Dutch municipality of Roosendaal belongs to the Nord-Brabant region, one of the largest regions of the Netherlands. Rosendaal is the sixth largest Dutch city with approximately 77,500 residents living in an area of 107 km2. The municipal government consulted Johan Faber, Director of the City Planning Department, in the redesigning of the downtown centre of Roosendaal. He said: “At the beginning of the project, we had to consider the functions of the shopping centre and the required storage capacity, but we also had to consider the wishes of the residents, such as the desire for a car-free centre. The on-site city planners developed a functional masterplan together with a project team. The final, new design was developed on the basis of this masterplan. Happily, the new design was quite well received by both the residents and business community. The downtown area event planners, local restaurants owners and merchants, all enthusiastically embraced the new plan”, added Faber.


Top-quality paving which also improves the aesthetic appearance of the area was high on the wish list for the renovation. Johan Faber said: “The quality of the paving needed to be very good to withstand the stresses of the weekly market and complement the appearance of the traditional architecture, such as the 150-year old train station, as well as modern buildings like the underground garage. The reddish brown and dark paving bricks met all of our expectations not only in terms of robustness, but also concerning the price and the city’s image. On the main shopping street, the facades offer a natural reference point. In addition, the downtown area is a reduced-traffic zone. Consequently dealing with traffic only plays a subordinate role.”


The downtown area of Roosendaal has again been restored to an attractive inviting place by the renovation. Once the construction is finished, the maintenance phase will begin – a much easier task – and at present, the construction companies are giving the street its final touches.