Herbs from the clinker spiral

Do-it-yourself herb spiral The knowledge of herbs has been passed down from generation to generation for millennia. As a result, this knowledge underpins many traditional medicines. Today, herbs form the basis of modern medicine as well as spicing up any number of delicious dishes in our kitchens. The Styrian-based paving company Schmerda GmbH has come up with the concept of a ‘herb spiral’, which is based on five herb zones. At the bottom are spices and herbs such as chervil, caraway and lovage, while further up we find camomile, parsley and rocket. At the top, at the heart of the spiral, are fennel, coriander and rosemary. The Terca-Piccolo bricks used are produced from natural clay and form the ideal setting for these much-prized herbs. There is much to do in the garden all year round. Some of the preparations for winter have to be done in autumn. But using the herb spiral, you can still plant winter-proof herbs in the autumn and enjoy spicy and aromatic ingredients the following spring.

Material required for offset:

Terca Piccolo red antique (400 pcs.) 10 x 20.5 x 5 cm (1 Pa.) with 1–3 mm joint 2 bags of drain mortar e.g. Sopro TR 610 as levelling layer for the first band of bricks 2 bags of mid-bed bonder Trass-Flexibel e.g. Sopro TR 414, for the walls 7 r.m. membrane

Material required for filling:

Fill volume approx. 500 litres 200 litres coarse gravel (water permeable break), approx. 7 r.m. membrane, 5 backs sand 0/4. 150 l potting soil, 150 l herbal soil Read this and other articles in the new edition of Garden&Place, the international magazine for garden architecture and landscaping >>