Published Magazines

architectum #17

In this architectum issue you will find a number of inspiring projects – from the modernisation of single-family homes to the refurbishment of historic buildings, which vividly illustrate the range of possibilities and solutions bricks, clay blocks, roof tiles and clay pavers provide.

architectum #16

This issue of architectum focuses on the building envelope. You can expect – in the true sense of the word – a pictoral broadsheet of examples illustrating what can be achieved when using facing bricks and roof tiles.

architectum #15

The brand new Garden and Landscape edition takes you on an inspiring journey showing you a redesigned shopping street in Telford, a pedestrian zone in Hamburg, the revitalisation of a historical area in Lithuania as well as private gardens in Belgium and the USA.

architectum #14

In this issue you can find out more about a self-cleaning facade and an office building which completely does  without any heating and cooling.

Garden & Place #9

In this edition of our magazine for garden and landscape design the variety of projects demonstrating the aesthetic and warmth of pavers ranges from the USA to England, Germany, Poland as far as Australia.

architectum #13

Find out in the new issue of “architectum” why Pritzker prize laureate Wang Shu is crazy about reclaimed clay tiles and bricks and how roof tiles can go beyond all limits from roofs to facades.

Garden + Place #8

We open the spring season with the new issue of our magazine for garden- and landscape design Garden + Place. You can expect an exciting review, including countries from Norway via Germany and Hungary to Australia.