Two houses in the forest, Lithuania


Two families have always loved to listen to blues. A lot of blues. Played loudly – most of the time. There is no better place for their obsession than a forest. So they built two black brick houses in the woods. With a white light...

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New build University Restaurant in Metz, France

13 Jul Architecture of earth and light

Located in a green belt, the Metz’In, the university restaurant at the Metz Technopôle, appears to rise out of its natural environment. It can accommodate nearly 500 guests and serve as many as 1,200 meals per day. Owing to its location at the epicentre of...

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Multi-family house in Frankfurt on the Main, Germany

29 Jun Living at the cathedral

Frankfurt on the Main focuses on energy-optimised building. In no other city, the topic of energy-efficient buildings is implemented as consistently as in the “Capital of Passive Houses”. With the “Wohnen am Dom” project, the city together with architect Prof. Christoph Mäckler has set an...

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Design of two coutyards of Santelys Headquarters in Loos, France

16 Jun Colours of sustainability

“Ligue du Nord contre la Tuberculose”, founded in 1900, is today called “Santélys”. This non-profitmaking association specialising in home health care marked its 110th anniversary by moving into a new building with two landscaped and carefully laid out interior courtyards. The organisation was initially founded for tuberculosis...

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Stedelijke Academy, Bruges, Belgium – extension of the refectory

03 Jun Architecture with added spice

When designing the extension of the Bruges Academy of Fine Arts, the architects from the agency Nero decided to use a single type of cladding for both the roof and the façade. The captivating pattern of lines, planes and textures creates an abstract reference to...

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Golf Ter Hille in Koksijde, Belgium

18 May Pavers show the way

The construction of the “Golf Ter Hille” megaproject in Koksijde, a municipality located in the western part of Belgium, took 15 years before it was completed in 2013. The architectural practice had to undertake great efforts in Koksijde to do justice to the town’s history,...

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Notary’s office in Bruges, Belgium

04 May Old tower with a new look

The former cusotms tower at the lock between the Bruges Ringvaart and the Boudewijn Canal has been beautifully refurbished and converted into a notary's office with an extravagant clay tile. The five storeys of the tower were exposed right down to the inner cavity leaf, to...

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Reconstruction of the Amtellaan Embankment in Deventer, the Netherlands

20 Apr Perfect connection

The Amstellaan embankment road in Deventer forms part of the Hanze route and is a vital urban artery of the city. Before redevelopment, the road struggled to cope with the increasing amount of traffic. The new layout brought not only functionality with regard to the...

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Anykščiai Public Library, Lithuania

07 Apr Clay-coloured urban implant

The new public library in Anykščiai restores the spatial harmony of the main square, which had been wrecked by urban intervention in Soviet times, and creates a coherent whole consisting of the square, the riverside and the historic church. The town of Anykščiai enjoys the fame...

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Redevelopment of the pedestrian underpass of Max-Brauer-Allee, Hamburg-Altona, Germany

30 Mar Colourful Altona

The outdated and dark pedestrian underpass at Paul-Nevermann-Platz in the Hamburg District of Altona has been completely redeveloped. The area had to be upgraded both visually and functionally. Thereby, the focus was on a barrier-free layout and the safe crossing of the busy road, Max-Brauer-Allee....

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