Coucil of Zsámbék in Budapest, Hungary

02 Mar Advanced day-care centre

With this day-care centre for Zsámbék, 30 kilometres west of Budapest, the architects wanted to design a building that made a contribution of quality to this small town of faceless new residential structures. They combined a strict functional interpretation of the floor plans with a community-furthering,...

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Private house in Marke, Belgium

17 Feb Timeless beauty

The timeless aspect of landscaping projects fascinates Filip Van Damme, especially in gardens that look uncomplicated and casual. In nature, nothing is produced without reason. Consequently, every element in a garden project is meaningful. With the intention of emphasising the timelessness of his own designs,...

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Redesign of the retail landscape in Telford, UK

20 Jan Vibrant townscape

Wienerberger clay pavers have helped create a whole new urban environment in Southwater. In the Telford town centre, £250 million are invested with the objective to design a dynamic, lively and sustainable urban district for local residents, businessmen and visitors. Large-scale project on the waterfront The first...

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Collège Nathalie Sarraute in Aubagne, France

09 Jan A place of learning

The site for the new secondary school for 600 pupils offered the opportunity to build a significant public facility in an extraordinary place, located in the midst of nature but still close to the centre of town. The goal that architectes cactus had set for...

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Red Apple, Sofia, Bulgaria

12 Dec Building as history

Its drawn façades recall early computer games in which a figure had to be manoeuvred around a number of traps along a path full of right angles. In reality, the three-dimensional geometry of the building turns out to be much more sophisticated than its Pac-Man...

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House without technology – office building in Lustenau, Austria

12 Nov A house, free from technology

The headquaters of the internationally operating architectural firm Baumschlager Eberle is based in Listenau at lake Constance. A well-proportioned office building with brick cavity walls committing itself to the credo: do things as easily as possible! The interior and exterior walls as well as the ceilings...

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Brede school De Waterhoef, Netherlands

29 Oct Beneath the same roof

The plain, small monastery located in the village centre of Oisterwijk was recently extended in a gratifying way with the adjoining all-day school. Both buildings are finished with roofes and façades made of brick. The respective shape and detailing is, however, completely different. In the course...

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Redesign of the station square in the Olympic Quarter in Almere, Netherlands

14 Oct Winner all along the line

Almere is well on the way to becoming the Netherlands’ fifth largest city. The polder and the city were, and still are, dreams for engineers, urban designers and architects. Internationally renowned architects such as Francine Houben, Rem Koolhaas, Teun Koolhaas, and Herman Hertzberger have left...

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