Roof Refurbishment Schloss Ebreichsdorf, Austria

29 Sep Historic Jewel

The ravages of time have also taken their toll on the historic jewel Schloss Ebreichsdorf in Austria. The roof of the water castle, which looks back on a long history (1294), was leaking and the penetration of water threatened to damage the building structure. Consequently...

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Conversion of a townhouse in Zurich, Switzerland

29 Sep Creating more space with finesse

With a cleverly positioned extension and an additional floor, a small worker’s house was transformed into an elegant townhouse featuring two spacious two-storey apartments. The walls were built of brick and a new tiled roof was added to cover the successful conversion. The districts on the...

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Refurbishment Moritzburg, Dresden, Germany

21 Sep A new roof with a historical dimension

The ongoing process of refurbishing a castle – The Moritzburg lake district, with the hunting castle at its centre, is one of Dresden’s most attractive local leisure areas. Just 15 kilometres from the city centre, the Baroque castle complex draws thousands of visitors a year....

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Private house in Sint-Martens-Latem, Belgium

07 Sep Carte blanche for garden green

Sint-Martens-Latem is a residential district at the edge of the Belgian city of Gent where privacy, calm and quality of life are highly valued. There you can look out across the Leie River or the golf course from the handsome residential properties in the area....

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Angled terracotta elements on the façade of the Biblioteca di Nembro near Bergamo

24 Aug Fascination of tradition and modernism

For Italian architect Laura Andreini – who, amongst other things, acts as juror for the Brick Award 2016 – the traditional building material brick is still far from losing its fascination. She regards brick in the interplay with a contemporary design vocabulary, where glass and...

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Private House in Veldegem, Belgium

12 Aug A façade like Japanese wallpaper

The house is only accessible via a narrow pathway, rising like a castle in the rather cluttered surroundings, with the relief pattern on the façade and its limited openings helping to keep the viewer at a distance. In the interior, the ambience is welcoming with...

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Two houses in the forest, Lithuania

27 Jul Black house blues

Two families have always loved to listen to blues. A lot of blues. Played loudly – most of the time. There is no better place for their obsession than a forest. So they built two black brick houses in the woods. With a white light...

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New build University Restaurant in Metz, France

13 Jul Architecture of earth and light

Located in a green belt, the Metz’In, the university restaurant at the Metz Technopôle, appears to rise out of its natural environment. It can accommodate nearly 500 guests and serve as many as 1,200 meals per day. Owing to its location at the epicentre of...

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Multi-family house in Frankfurt on the Main, Germany

29 Jun Living at the cathedral

Frankfurt on the Main focuses on energy-optimised building. In no other city, the topic of energy-efficient buildings is implemented as consistently as in the “Capital of Passive Houses”. With the “Wohnen am Dom” project, the city together with architect Prof. Christoph Mäckler has set an...

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Design of two coutyards of Santelys Headquarters in Loos, France

16 Jun Colours of sustainability

“Ligue du Nord contre la Tuberculose”, founded in 1900, is today called “Santélys”. This non-profitmaking association specialising in home health care marked its 110th anniversary by moving into a new building with two landscaped and carefully laid out interior courtyards. The organisation was initially founded for tuberculosis...

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